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Not too long ago, buying a flashlight was a simple process, main­ly because there weren’t that many choices. The most challeng­ing decision was the number of batteries you need. Traditionally, you had the option of selecting a large, rectangular 6-volt bat­tery for extra power or units with 2, 4, or 6 D-cell batteries.

Today, the choices are wide and varied. Kaufmann has a range of different models, sizes, and styles to choose from, includ­ing the recently launched high-power Kaufmann spotlight. The user is confronted with more choices con­cerning the light source: a traditional tungsten bulb, or how about Xenon, Krypton, Halogen, or LEDs?

Further confusion arises when you realize that flashlights, spotlights, and headlamps are measured in a number of different ways and the output of any light is affected by the qual­ity of the reflector, amount of battery power available, quality of the bezel, and the output of the bulb or LED. Tremendous advances have been made in light technology in just the past five years.

LEDs are basically light bulbs without a filament. They are very efficient at creating light and they don’t get hot. LEDs are nearly indestructible, are environmentally friendly, and operate at low temperatures. LEDs have an av­erage lifespan of 100,000 hours of continuous or cumulative use, operate on low voltage DC power, and produce no UV light. The light output of LEDs is measured in lumens, while energy input to a lamp is measured in watts.

The best way to choose a flashlight is to determine what you will use it for. If you need it for hunting or night drives you will need a spot­light with a lot of brightness, like 650 lumens. If it is for camping or using around the house, a light with 300 lumens should be efficient.


The Kaufmann headlamp offers 250 lumens and has an adjustable spot offering excellent optical clarity and a bright evenly lit beam.


This high power spotlight comes with the latest LED technology and provides up to 4000 lumens output and lights a beam of up to 650m. It also includes a Red and Green filter for the avid night hunter or fisherman and can be operated while charging on a 12V DC.


How much BRIGHTNESS do you need?

10-20 Lumens
Good for close-range tasks such as finding keys in your bag, finding the keyhole in the front door. Beam distance up to 100 meters.

20-150 Lumens
Beam distance of around 120 meters, great for around the house and dog walking.

160-200 Lumens
These torches throw a beam around 250 meters and are great for general purposes, walking/hiking, camping, around the house, tactical work, and personal security.

200-500 Lumens
Purpose made for tactical/hunting, work, climbing, hiking, fishing, sailing. The focus distance of 300 lumens is 200 meters.

600-1000 Lumens
This is where it gets fun. You get beam distances of over 300 meters in some models which is great for camping, hiking, hunting, caving, fishing, or industrial uses.

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